A Guide to the Auction

Bidding on an Auction Lot

The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) Fishing Auction is similar in operation to other popular online auction sites.

Registered users (see below) enter their maximum bid on a lot. All bids are anonymous.

The winning bid will be that which is £1 higher than the next highest bid (or equal to the starting price if there is only one bid).

An auction lot has a starting price of £100.
User 1 enters a maximum bid of £200 on the lot. The winning bid is £100 from User 1
User 2 then enters a maximum bid of £150. The winning bid is now £151 - still from User 1
User 3 then enters a maximum bid of £250. The winning bid is now £201 - now from User 3.

The winner will be the current winning bid when the auction ends.

Users will receive notifications via email when they bid or if they are outbid.

Users can increase their maximum bid at any time - even if they are the current winning bidder.

Buy It Now

Selected lots are offered with 'Buy it now'. This enables a bidder to secure a lot without the bidding process. Buy it now prices are fixed and if this option is chosen, that is the price to pay.


Users must register their details before bidding. Users of previous AST online auctions will be able to use their existing account.

The AST will never disclose their details to other parties.

Users are asked to enter their name, email and phone number at registration. They must also choose a password in order to access the system.

Registration details are sent via email to the user along with a confirmation code - which must be processed before the user can start bidding.

Bidding Offline

Users who prefer not to engage in online bidding can contact The AST and request a printed copy of the auction catalogue along with details of how they can bid offline.

Offline bids will be entered anonymously into the auction by AST administrators.

Winning & Paying for an Auction Lot

Auction lot winners will be contacted via email when their winning lot's auction closes. Details will be given on payment and how to contact the donor of their winning auction lot to make arrangements.

Terms & Conditions

The AST is a charity. We expect all bids to be honoured.

Lots in the auction have been generously given by donors. They may not be resold or awarded as prizes in competitions without the permission of the donor and The AST.

Where dates for a lot are specified, this is done to fit in with other commitments. Please do not ask for changes!

Successful bidders are reminded that an EA Licence is required before fishing in England or Wales.


The AST has prepared these Rules in order to ensure that the auction operates fairly and transparently.

The AST's role is to administer the bidding process and to receive payment of the winning bids. By donating a lot, the donor agrees irrevocably to make it available to the person who is the highest bidder at the time that bids close.

Once The AST notifies the winning bid (and that The AST has received payment of the winning bid), the winner and the donor must make directly between them the necessary arrangements for the winner to enjoy the lot, in accordance with the description which the donor supplied, and the winner must, when enjoying the lot, do so in accordance with that information and other proper and necessary requirements.

Any claim that the donor has not made the lot available, that the donor has supplied information about the lot which was inaccurate or that the winner has not used the lot in accordance with the supplied information and other proper and necessary requirements is a matter between the donor and the winner. The AST does not accept responsibility for any loss that any participant in the auction incurs. Without limiting the foregoing,

The AST does not confirm (and does not guarantee) the ability of donors to make a lot available, that the information which the donor supplied was accurate or that the winner will use the lot according to these Rules, and The AST undertakes no liability to refund any payment.